February 6, 2015

Reunited--Peaches & Herb

What's that, you ask? "Doth mine eyes deceive me?" Not at all, yall! I really am blogging!! I've decided to restart the blog with a major revamp. I will still include some of our life and some of my soapbox rants (I'm still me, after all), but I'm going to mostly focus on our calling to homeschool.

Yes, we feel it is a calling from God. Our kids deserve the best, Christ centered education they can get. We just don't feel they can get it in a public (or even private school).

I should start by saying that when I started to feel this calling, Tyler did not. I honestly think he was letting the stock he puts in education (and what we have been told by the education system) overshadow what is truly best for our children. I mean it is a HUGE step of faith to decide that everything you know about the education (and therefore the future) of your children isn't what you thought. I prayed for God to change his heart and, through teaching in public school, he has. Every time he has a student refuse to do their work, is unable to share his faith while being subjected to things he's morally opposed to, has a 9th grade student get pregnant, is unable to give an F to a student who should soundly fail...well, I could go on and on, but the point is that all of this has allowed God to soften his heart to homeschooling.

I am currently researching homeschooling methods and curriculum. I have had a really hard time finding anything comprehensive to make homeschooling decisions like this easy, so I want to chronicle the whole process. Thanks for the read and I'll be back soon!

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