February 13, 2015

Online--Brad Paisey

On lazy days, we do video school. We watch Leap Frog movies on Netflix or The Doozers on Hulu. We also watch YouTube.

So far, Tristan's favorite is Cosmic Kids Yoga. It is SO imaginative. So far we have looked for a Dodo and been on safari. Today I found one where she acts out the entire movie of Star Wars! It took 25 minutes, but he was in heaven. Here's a little peak:

YouTube Video

Like is said, imaginative.

We also watch HooplaKids videos, especially The Phonics Song. Tristan had forgotten some of his sounds, so this is a gentle way to remind him. Be warned, though, 25 minutes of different variations of The Phonics Song and IT WILL be stuck in your head. Fact.

I'm always looking for new videos, so feel free to let me know about good ones in the comments. Here's to him getting old enough for School House Rocks!

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