June 1, 2013

Interview with a Scarlett

Since Scarlett is technically too young for the interview, I figured I'd just give a rundown if the things she knows, says and does:
Milk! Today was actually the first time I've been able to get her to drink more than a single sip of juice.
Puffs, I swear they're like crack to kids!
Playing with/following Tristan.
Her thumb (she only sucks it when she's ready for bed).
Throwing balls, well anything really.
Grown up food, seriously, she likes everything.

People leaving the nursery at church. She's fine to stay as long as no one leaves.

Stage 3 pasta baby food, too much rubber to chew.
Development Milestones
She can walk behind her push behind stroller walker.
She can crawl.
She gives "sugars" to pretty much anyone who asks as long as she wants to. She's stubborn.

She loves on her baby dolls.

She self feeds and drinks from a sippy cup.

She says a ton of things including sentences:
Hi Momma. Hi Dada. Thank you (tant to). Momma, night night. (When she's ready for bed.)
She also says bite when she wants one (started out "dite" but this week changed to "bite-a") and brings me her cup when she wants milk.
I feel like she'd be even farther verbally if I had more one on one time with her, but Tristan is a full time job by himself! I'm making it a mission to work with her more.

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