February 21, 2013

Carnival--Natalie Merchant

On 2/9 my sweet boy turned 3! We went to Billy Bob's to celebrate on the actual day, just family and the Arthurs (we had to invite Tristan's best friend!).

On Saturday we had a joint party for Tristan and Addison (she'll be 4 on the 26th). It was a carnival theme and boy was it fun! Addi wore an adorable clown costume and Tristan was the barker!

I'm not sure what she was mad about, but this was the best pic of the two of them together.

We had a bouncy house, ring toss, beanbag throw, face painting, tickets and prizes, everything you need for a proper carnival!

For food we had corn dogs (my favorite carnival food) and chips and broke out the church's popcorn maker and made up bags of popcorn!

Tristan was trying to talk me into a white cupcake with red icing before the party even started and at cake time that's what he told Brittany he wanted, he didn't forget!

After cake, there was one more surprise, Brittany's dad had bought a piƱata and filled it with $40 worth of candy and prizes! The kids went nuts! We let them try to hit it by age, so Tristan was first.

He connected on all three of his hits, hard too! The last kid finally knocked a hole in it to where things were falling out, so Timmy smashed it open. The kids all got several treats for their gift bags!

Last was presents. Tristan LOVED everything he got! I love this picture because we all three look appropriately excited about his gift card, haha.

Thanks to everyone who came and showed us parents and the kids love!

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