January 12, 2013

364 Days to Go--Brad Paisley

Ok, ok, I know that next Christmas is technically closer than that (!!!), but I bought everything to fix one of my favorite desserts ever around Christmas. Between trying to make sure 2 kids got the full Christmas experience and 3 of 4 household members getting miserably sick (including me), it just didn't happen. Since Tyler and I are kicking into high health mode next week (to renew his Army contract for him and because I'm woefully out of shape for me), I made a batch of Christmas Tree Bark to enjoy this weekend.

Some background first before I get to the recipe. For 14 years, my dear friend Shelly has had a Christmas party on the first Saturday in December. The party is potluck, but she always makes several things herself, one of which is Christmas Tree Bark. It is a well known fact that I hoard all the bark. Last year she didn't get around to making it and brought me a bag at church! Every year I ask for the recipe at the party, but never actually make it. This year I finally wrote it down and decided I was really going to do it...then the plague struck!

So last night, I decided to make it. It only takes a few minutes, but I'm always a nervous wreck making a new recipe. What if Picky Pete, aka Tyler, doesn't like it? What if I mess it up, which is time and money down the drain? Nervous and scatter brained means I only remembered to take 2 pictures of the process, but without further ado I present Christmas Tree Bark.

1 stick butter
1 stick oleo (margarine)
1c sugar
1 bag chocolate chips
Enough graham crackers to cover a jellyroll pan (about 1 1/2 packages)

Set oven to 350°
Spray pan with nonstick spray and arrange graham crackers.
Boil butter, sugar, and margarine for 3 minutes.
Pour mixture over crackers and bake for 15 minutes.
Remove from oven and sprinkle on chocolate chips.
Spread chips with spatula until fully melted and covering crackers.
Let cool completely.
Die happy ;)

Shelly said she usually sticks hers out on the deck to cool and harden, so I stuck mine in the freezer for a bit since we've got 70° temperatures here right now...in January!!

There you have it, my drug of choice. Go ahead and make it, but you've been warned of its addictive nature! Bon appetite!

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