November 29, 2012

Movin' On Up--Jefferson's Theme

Wow, have we been busy! Last Monday we moved! We are buying Tyler's mom's house (the house he grew up in) and they bought ours. Tristan is in Tyler's old room and wants it to be a Star Wars room despite his Thomas bed. Scarlett is in Katelyn's old room and we are in the master.

On top of trying to dig our way out of the box forest (haha), last week was Thanksgiving. Add to that the fact that it's time to decorate for Christmas and whew! I'm overwhelmed.

I just realize I only have 2 pictures from the new house. Tristan in his new room getting ready for bed the first time:

And Scarlett in her jumper for the first time:

She LOVES it! She's not a big jumper like Tristan was, but she wants to stand ALL the time.

November 15, 2012

My Girl--The Temptations

I can't believe it! Scarlett was 6 months old yesterday! She's such a sweet baby, always so happy. She never shuts up, haha, and has already figured out the baby games on my phone!

On Saturday she finally rolled from her back to her stomach. I'm fairly certain she could have done this 2 months ago if I hadn't shrieked every time she got close.

She is always so excited to see me, it just makes being a stay at home mom even more special! I wouldn't trade these memories for all the money in the world.

November 1, 2012

Star Wars Theme--John Williams

Tonight was trick or treat! It had been rescheduled from Thursday due to Frankenstorm.

2 months ago I asked Tristan what he wanted to be for Halloween, to which his reply was "Star Wars." I talked him into Luke Skywalker so Scarlett could be Princess Leia. I didn't know how long she'd allow me (and her brother) costume dictation. Plus, they're siblings so it worked for me.

Before it was time to trick or treat at 6, we headed to Memaw and Papaw Ellis' house. It's a tradition I started on Tristan's first Halloween.

Then we went to church for Trunk or Treat. Essentially, several church families get together and pass out candy in the church parking lot. This year their were 9 cars plus the church hot chocolate station.

Tristan was thrilled for he and Addison to get candy and play together.

It got colder as the sun went down so after their initial candy run I bundled them up.

After a bit, Tristan and Addi got cold and went to sit in Britt and Tim's van (and eat chips and candy).

They spent a lot of time hollering at me out the back window.

A great time was had by all!