July 15, 2012

The Foxfire Suite--John Denver

Today was unexpectedly great. At about 11am Scarlett fell back to sleep and I put her back in the bed. Tyler and I had talked for a while about showing Tristan Star Wars and today turned out to be the day. Here's how our conversation went:

Me: We're gonna put in Daddy's favorite movie, do you want to watch it.
Tristan: Yeah! I do!
Runs toward the living room squealing and runs back.
Tristan: Yee-Haw, Daddy! I'm so excited! Yee-Haw!

I really wish I had been recorded when the DVD menu came up. He was totally enthralled and it was just the menu!

We watched about 20 minutes of it and got a call from Tyler's dad asking if we wanted to go to a picnic at Foxfire Campground. We said yes, stopped what we were doing and loaded up. It was a blast! We had lunch then took Tristan to play on the splash pad.

He just didn't like getting his face wet.

Scarlett stayed in the shelter with the family. She laid on a towel on the table for a while.

And here she is with Mawmaw Carolyn.

There was even free ice cream!

I wanted to try all the amenities (especially the paddle boats), but Tyler wouldn't leave the shelter area.

When we got home we finished Star Wars. Tristan immediately asked to watch it again.

Super fun day!

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