April 1, 2012

Working Man Blues--Merle Haggard

In case the theme of Tristan's birthday party wasn't a clue, the kid likes construction equipment. Actually, likes is an understatement, he LOVES it! I've been telling him for a while that when the weather was nice, we'd go see Pawpaw, my dad, at work.

My dad has worked at Steel of WV for 30+ years and he regularly drives a forklift, especially on Saturdays. Today, they had him in a place where he could easily meet us, so I loaded up Tristan and took him to see Pawpaw on his lunch break. Tristan had a blast! We parked across the street and dad drove the forklift to meet us. Tristan wanted a ride, but, or course, that couldn't happen without my dad getting fired. I let him touch it though and he thought that was really cool. He has told anyone who would listen about his trip at least 10 times! Here's how he tells it:
"I touch the forklift!" (holding out his little hand)

"I wear Pawpaw's hot hat!"

"I drivin' the forklift like Pawpaw!"

The last two were said the first time looking at the pictures. He has repeated it over and over as the story of his day.

PS The sucker in Tristan's mouth makes him look so much like my dad! You rarely ever see him at home without a toothpick or something sticking out of his mouth!

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