April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday (to You)--Patty and Mildred J. Hill

Yesterday was my birthday! I spent the morning snuggling my pumpkin until I found this waiting on the desk.

The card was tape down and the box was taped shut. I thought it looked like a Coach box with the card taped over the logo. Tyler left it out to torment me until he got home.

We loaded up and headed to lunch with my mom. Mom and I always take each other out to lunch on our birthdays. We were joined this year by Danny and Kathy (the church custodians) and Timmy (our pastor and my best friend's husband).

Tristan and I hung around the house in the afternoon waiting for Tyler to get home, after helping my mom get the church bulletins ready for Sunday. Tyler called and asked me what I thought the present was and I gave him my idea. He said it wasn't anything from Coach, but as he is a big fat liar when it comes to presents, I wasn't convinced. I opened it and...

COACH! Besides a Tiffany's box, no box is more recognizable to me, hehe. He had snuck and bought it when we went to the outlet mall a month or so ago.

After I opened my present, we headed to my parents' house and then out to dinner at the Olive Garden. I'm pretty sure Tristan had the best time.

I'm not big on cake, but I wanted a Chocolate Duet cookie from Panera for my dessert. We get there and, of course, they are pretty much out of all pastries. They are out every time I've been there after five. I think I will never go to Panera after lunch again. I ended up with a Devil's Food doughnut from Jolly Pirates (my favorite doughnut!). I did learn a valuable lesson though: no one sings Happy Birthday unless there is cake. Well, except my Granny who would always call on my birthday and immediately sing Happy Birthday when I answered. I miss her SO much...but that's a post that I'd coming soon. Anyway, I mentioned the lack of song to Tyler as I was getting ready to put Tristan to bed and he had Tristan sing to me. Best. Birthday. Song. Ever.

All in all, my birthday was pretty great.

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