April 29, 2012

Happy Birthday (to You)--Patty and Mildred J. Hill

Yesterday was my birthday! I spent the morning snuggling my pumpkin until I found this waiting on the desk.

The card was tape down and the box was taped shut. I thought it looked like a Coach box with the card taped over the logo. Tyler left it out to torment me until he got home.

We loaded up and headed to lunch with my mom. Mom and I always take each other out to lunch on our birthdays. We were joined this year by Danny and Kathy (the church custodians) and Timmy (our pastor and my best friend's husband).

Tristan and I hung around the house in the afternoon waiting for Tyler to get home, after helping my mom get the church bulletins ready for Sunday. Tyler called and asked me what I thought the present was and I gave him my idea. He said it wasn't anything from Coach, but as he is a big fat liar when it comes to presents, I wasn't convinced. I opened it and...

COACH! Besides a Tiffany's box, no box is more recognizable to me, hehe. He had snuck and bought it when we went to the outlet mall a month or so ago.

After I opened my present, we headed to my parents' house and then out to dinner at the Olive Garden. I'm pretty sure Tristan had the best time.

I'm not big on cake, but I wanted a Chocolate Duet cookie from Panera for my dessert. We get there and, of course, they are pretty much out of all pastries. They are out every time I've been there after five. I think I will never go to Panera after lunch again. I ended up with a Devil's Food doughnut from Jolly Pirates (my favorite doughnut!). I did learn a valuable lesson though: no one sings Happy Birthday unless there is cake. Well, except my Granny who would always call on my birthday and immediately sing Happy Birthday when I answered. I miss her SO much...but that's a post that I'd coming soon. Anyway, I mentioned the lack of song to Tyler as I was getting ready to put Tristan to bed and he had Tristan sing to me. Best. Birthday. Song. Ever.

All in all, my birthday was pretty great.

April 23, 2012

Let's Go On an Adventure--Barney

Ever since Tristan was a tiny baby, when he and I would go out shopping or something on our own I would tell him we were going on an adventure. On Friday we ran out of dog food and were running low on treasures for the potty treasure box, so we loaded up and headed on an adventure.

As soon as we turned into Merritt's Creek Farm (home to Target, the pet store, Home Depot, Dollar Tree and lots more) he started saying he wanted to go see the mice at the pet store. We went to Target to get treasures for the treasure box in the 1Spot, then headed to the pet store.

Here's our Petco adventure:

The mice are his favorite, so they got a double look!

Then we got back in the car and headed to Chik-Fil-A to eat and play. He didn't eat much ("I'm done. I need to go play now."), but when I was finished we went into the play area. It was packed! A GIANT sign says "3 and Under Play Area," so naturally only one kid was in the age bracket and the rest looked to be about 10, one girl looked about 12! They were running and screaming and I was afraid Tristan would get trampled. The good news is, he was worried, too! He stayed pretty close to me until they kids left. He kept wanting to go down the "swicky slide" (I'm pretty sure it's really just an enclosed climber), but was scared to death with all the big kids making such a racket and running up and down it. At last it was just me and him. "Swicky slide" time!

YouTube Video

April 14, 2012

The Potty Dance--Pull-Ups Video

Potty training is in full swing here at the Ellis house. About once a day Tristan decides to get on the potty and use it. The problem is that he only goes for the treasure he gets for using it. Pottying is totally on his terms and it is wearing me out! I was hoping to have made some serious headway by the time Scarlett gets here, but so far not so good. Any tips or tricks from those of you who have been here, particularly with a boy, are GREATLY appreciated!

His first try with big boy underwear was interesting to say the least, hehehe!

April 12, 2012

Take Me Home Country Roads--John Denver

Tristan is a musical kid. He always has a song in his head and sings constantly. It's hard to get a video of him singing because once he catches you, one of three things happens:
1) he wants to see the video immediately 2) he hams it up or 3) he just refuses to sing. This video has all three.

YouTube Video

April 9, 2012

I've Just Seen Jesus--Larnelle Harris and Sandi Patty

Today is Easter. I'm so blessed to have a savior who loves me enough to come to Earth to die for my sins. If I were the only one here, he still would have come to die for me. God is so AMAZING!

Tristan was SO excited to see what the Easter Bunny brought him.

The Easter Bunny must be a DC Comics fan because he got Superman and Batman with a Batmobile. He also got three books (Five Little Ducklings, Curious George and Tadpole Trouble, and Rise and Shine!) and a kite that was as much for his daddy as it was for him.

Tristan's Easter outfit was the cutest! He marched around with his hands in his pockets all day looking like a little man.

After church we went to Kim's for dinner. My mom and dad came, too! He played guitar with Uncle Curt, hunted eggs, swung in his new swing and ran around in the yard popping bubbles.

Then we went to visit Memaw and Grampy for a few minutes. Grampy sang him and song and he put his bunny ears on both of them.

Then we went back to church to celebrate Jesus' sacrifice.

I'm praying Tristan doesn't wake up because he didn't get a nap and was asleep by 10:30 for the first time in about a year. He tends to not sleep well if he doesn't get a nap.

April 7, 2012

Peter Cottontail--Gene Autry

Today was our church's annual Breakfast with the Bunny. We had pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage along with orange juice and milk.

Then came the main event...the Easter Bunny! Just like with Santa, Tristan dropped everything as soon as he saw him and made a B-Line to be the first kid.

Once we got him off the Easter Bunny's lap, he got out his ring sucker the Bunny gave him and sat to eat it. It only took about 10 shots to get one of him looking at me because he wanted to go back to the Bunny's lap!

Tristan even went back to the Bunny for a second trip!

After all the kids had had time with Peter Cottontail, it was time to get ready for the egg hunt. We have a sort of tradition at our church; we hold the egg hunt in the gym, safe from unpredictable spring weather. How do the kids hunt eggs you ask? In the dark of course! We turn out all the lights an give each kid a flashlight, instant difficulty! The kids under 3 have their own area to hunt where they won't get run over. We take all the kids into the hallway where the bathrooms are while adults hide eggs.

Finally it was time to actually hunt the eggs. Tristan had a blast! Last year I think he picked up 2 eggs and was finished. This year he was really into it running all over the place getting eggs. Here he's picking up 3 at once!

His daddy held the flashlight for him while I took pictures.

April 3, 2012

Alien (1979)

May 14 is the big day! The doctor has scheduled that as the day Scarlett Mae Ellis will make her entrance into the world (unless she and God have other plans).

My friend Shelly is an administrator at Collins Career Center in the Ultrasound Tech program, the biggest perk of which is free ultrasounds for her friends, yippee! So, on Thursday I headed over for a peek at our princess. These are the best shots:

I should note there is also a good shot of the fact that she IS a girl, but since the Internet is forever, I'm keeping her modest, lol!

So now you're wondering why I chose to title the post Alien. Well, the truth is, that's what I think being pregnant feels like. You have no energy because it is all sucked out by the baby. Also, if you've seen the movie (and if you haven't you've had 33 years so don't cry to me over being spoiled) you know that in the movie the first appearance of the alien of when it bursts out of John Hurt's chest. This is basically how it feels the later you get in your pregnancy, like an alien is writhing inside you ready to burst out of your stomach. Also, ultrasound pictures look like pictures of aliens. I love her already and I'm sure she'll be beautiful eventually, but she looks like an alien in her ultrasound pictures and probably will as a newborn. All newborns do, even mine.

April 2, 2012

Ho-Ho-Ho-Hosanna--Children's Song

Today is Palm Sunday. Tristan thought this day was great! In Sunday School we explained to Tristan and Addi that Jesus came into Jerusalem on a donkey and was hailed by kids an grown ups shouting "Hosanna". Tristan decided yelling Hosanna is AWESOME!

YouTube Video

Tonight we went over the story with them again and they made palm branches.

The leaves are foam cut outs of their hand prints and the stem is a paint stirrer. The opposite side of Jesus is their memory verse: "They...went out to meet [Jesus] shouting, 'Hosanna!'"~John 12:13.

Tristan and Addi practiced saying Hosanna and waving their palm branches in the nursery, then marched upstairs to show everyone left in the sanctuary after church.


April 1, 2012

Working Man Blues--Merle Haggard

In case the theme of Tristan's birthday party wasn't a clue, the kid likes construction equipment. Actually, likes is an understatement, he LOVES it! I've been telling him for a while that when the weather was nice, we'd go see Pawpaw, my dad, at work.

My dad has worked at Steel of WV for 30+ years and he regularly drives a forklift, especially on Saturdays. Today, they had him in a place where he could easily meet us, so I loaded up Tristan and took him to see Pawpaw on his lunch break. Tristan had a blast! We parked across the street and dad drove the forklift to meet us. Tristan wanted a ride, but, or course, that couldn't happen without my dad getting fired. I let him touch it though and he thought that was really cool. He has told anyone who would listen about his trip at least 10 times! Here's how he tells it:
"I touch the forklift!" (holding out his little hand)

"I wear Pawpaw's hot hat!"

"I drivin' the forklift like Pawpaw!"

The last two were said the first time looking at the pictures. He has repeated it over and over as the story of his day.

PS The sucker in Tristan's mouth makes him look so much like my dad! You rarely ever see him at home without a toothpick or something sticking out of his mouth!