February 23, 2012

I'm Here for the Party--Gretchen Wilson

Last Friday was Tristan's 2nd Birthday Party! We did a construction theme because Tristan loves anything with an engine, the bigger and louder the better. Kim took care of the food, my friend (and church sister) Shelly made the cake, Katelyn played photographer and I did all the decorating. I should add that decorating a gym for a birthday party by yourself while 6 months pregnant is a bad plan.

The decorations

He stole Addi's olives so she had to have more.

He LOVES hearing and singing Happy Birthday!

Blowing out his candle.

Cake and cookies? Yum!

Someone asked Tristan if his cake had dirt on it to which Addi replies, "No, it's Arrow Cookies!"

I just love this picture of Ayden, he's SO cute!

"I play etar!"

The Ellis Clan

Tristan with Daddy, Grampy and GP

With Mim and Papaw John

Everyone had a great time! Thank you to all my helpers and to everyone who came. Tristan is still telling me about playing basketball.

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