February 29, 2012

Spring Fever--Elvis Presley

I know spring isn't for almost a month, but someone should clue in Mother Nature. Yesterday was sunny and a high near 70, so us Ellis' officially have spring fever! Tristan even told me he was going fishing, hehe! Tyler and I, along with my mom and dad, took Tristan to the park. Tyler pulled him around in his wagon, which he loves. Afterward, we took him over to the swings.

He swung (is that the right word?) forever, and didn't want to leave. We bribed him by telling him we were going to dinner. We headed over to Gino's which is right by the park.

He has finally gotten to where he can drink from a big straw without a major mess. He doesn't like pop (hallelujah!) and picks water every time. I never give him pop, but my dad tries. I'm thrilled that he is all about the water, especially since I am addicted to Pepsi!

February 23, 2012

I'm Here for the Party--Gretchen Wilson

Last Friday was Tristan's 2nd Birthday Party! We did a construction theme because Tristan loves anything with an engine, the bigger and louder the better. Kim took care of the food, my friend (and church sister) Shelly made the cake, Katelyn played photographer and I did all the decorating. I should add that decorating a gym for a birthday party by yourself while 6 months pregnant is a bad plan.

The decorations

He stole Addi's olives so she had to have more.

He LOVES hearing and singing Happy Birthday!

Blowing out his candle.

Cake and cookies? Yum!

Someone asked Tristan if his cake had dirt on it to which Addi replies, "No, it's Arrow Cookies!"

I just love this picture of Ayden, he's SO cute!

"I play etar!"

The Ellis Clan

Tristan with Daddy, Grampy and GP

With Mim and Papaw John

Everyone had a great time! Thank you to all my helpers and to everyone who came. Tristan is still telling me about playing basketball.

February 10, 2012

The Birthday Train--Nancy Stewart

Yesterday was Tristan's birthday. I can't believe he's 2!! Tristan and I spent the day cuddling. After naptime, we got ready and went to my mom and Dad's so he could open his present.

YouTube Video

He loved his horse! You also got to see in the video the argument he and I had all day: whose birthday it was. He argued with me all day that it was Uncle Jared's birthday! It wasn't until after presents, cake, and the whole evening's worth of fun that he decided it was his birthday after all.
After opening his present from Grandma and Pawpaw, we headed to Billy Bob's to celebrate. We invited immediate family and the Arthurs. Those who came were: Grandma and Pawpaw, Mim and Papaw (Kim and John), GG and Suesue (Tyler's Granny and Aunt), Katie and Curt, Brittany, Addi and Rick and Tammy (Brittany's mom and dad). The kids had a blast riding the rides, throwing balls, whacking moles and spiders and seeing the show!

Then we went over to the food court where we had cookie cake!

After cake we went to ride the new train in the mall. It is a trackless train that makes a complete circle of the mall! 10 of us rode it. Every time we went around a curve he looked back and hollered, "Hi edybody!" to the rest of the family on the train. Tristan and I rode in the front car with Brittany and Addi.

It was a great night! I can't wait for the big party next weekend!

February 9, 2012

Birthday--The Beatles

Tristan is 2 today! It seems like just yesterday that he was born! Looking at the pictures of his little swollen, pink, alien baby face (let's face it, no matter how cute the newborn, they look like something from another planet), I can't help but see the stunningly beautiful little boy he has become. I know, I know, moms always say that, but the number of strangers who stop me and tell me the same thing make me think it isn't just me. I can't wait to see that beauty on a little baby girl! Miss Scarlett is only 3 months away and Tristan can't wait to be a big brother.

February 3, 2012

Las Mañanitas--Traditional from Mexico

On Monday the Huntington branch of the Ellis Family headed for a birthday celebration at Rio Grande. Curt's birthday is today (happy birthday, BIL!) and Tristan's birthday is on the 9th, so Papaw Ellis wanted to treat everyone to a birthday dinner and Mexican just lends itself to fiesta!

A random waiter saw the cupcakes on the table and asked if we were celebrating a birthday. We told him it was both Curt's and Tristan's birthday and next thing you know, this happened:

YouTube Video

The song they sang is Las Mañanitas. It is usually sang by a group of friends or hired musicians at the window of the birthday person to wake them on their birthday. Tristan didn't know what to think of the singing, but he liked the hat.

He also liked the cupcakes :)

Thanks to Auntie Alex for the pictures and video. He was attached to her for 90% of the night. Love my family!