November 30, 2011

Word Up!--Cameo

Tristan's vocabulary has exploded! In the 3 months since Tyler has come home, he has gone from the occasional two word sentence to the occasional six word sentence! On Sunday he said, "I want play cards. I want play cards! I want play cards, Uncle Jared!"

He uses pronouns, too. I, me, mine, and my are, I think, the only ones so far. I'm already getting tired of "mine" and "my", hahaha!

Word of the day today was "nope.".
Me: Do you want to go change your diaper?
Tristan: Nope.
Me: Are you ready for lunch?
T: Nope.
Me: Do you want to read a book?
T: Nope. Hahaha! (Then he brings me a book, little turkey.)

I can't imagine what he'll be saying by his second birthday.

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