November 7, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's that time of year again: sickness is taking over. I have had a sinus infection for close to a week (on top of being 12 weeks pregnant) and on top of that, on Friday, Tristan was diagnosed with croup. The croup was caught on day 1, so by day 2 we had moved on to a full sinus drainage/cough cold.

He was put on Prednisone to help with the croup and all it seems to do it make him agitated. He missed nap time completely yesterday and the only good thing is he fell right to sleep. He was a bear all day, though, so that brings me here:

Yep, I'm sitting in the car while he sleeps. I need a break and I'm willing to sit here for a bit to get it. The steroids are making him sleep VERY lightly and everytime I try to move him he starts screaming. I'll take it where I can get it at this point.

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Jan AKA Wammy said...

Been there done that a hundred times...a Mom has to do what a Mom has to do to stay sane!