May 18, 2011

Time After Time--Cyndi Lauper

Hi, Blogamaniacs! I'm sure you've missed the exciting details of my life. Not! Actually, you probably missed hearing about Tristan. So here goes.

Tristan and I were both sick before Easter. We both ended up with sinus infections. Not only that, I had to direct the choir and sing a solo on Easter. Not fun.

On April 29, Tyler came home!! Sixteen days of fun. We stayed busy, but I wouldn't trade it. I enjoyed seeing Tristan with his Daddy. At first Tristan was shy, even though when I would ask why we were there to see and he would say "Dada". While we waited for Tyler's bag he gave his Daddy a kiss and by the time we left the airport he let his Daddy carry him to the car. After that he was what Tyler called, his "little shadow".

On, Saturday, May, 14, Tristan started calling Tyler's Granny, GG (Great Granny).

Yesterday, Tristan had his 15 month check up. He really hammed it up. He said "doctor" for Doctor Ray and when she liked it, he continued to say it to the point that she went to get her med student at see. He also showed her the location of all his body parts.

Just now my dad had him on the porch and started saying "gull, gull." There was a little girl out on Fatima's playground playing.

His vocabulary is multiplying by the day!

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Anonymous said...

This one looks good babe. I miss you.