February 1, 2011

Walk the Line--Johnny Cash

Tristan walked on his own last night!! He's been getting better and better at walking one handed and today he took 8 steps total on his own.

He was trying to follow my mom out of their living room and he thought I had a hold on him. He took 4 deliberate steps on his own before I started yelling for my mom to come and see, which freaked him out. My dad was in the room and freaking out, too!!

A few minutes later I tried to have him demonstrate exactly what had happened so mom could see and he took 4 more steps. After that anytime I tried to let him go, he cried. Little smarty pants.

Later this evening he had me walk him over one handed to his alphabet train. Then, he shook off my hand stood for a minute and sat down. Another thing he had never really done before! He had on his Superman shirt today, I think it was good luck.

I'm hoping he'll have it totally figured out before his birthday!

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