December 22, 2011

Santa Claus is Coming to Town

Tristan can't get enough of Santa! I had waited until after he saw Santa at our church Christmas dinner to take him because I didn't want to pay for him to scream and cry. Here are a couple of pictures from the church dinner:

So I had no reservations about taking him to see Santa at a mall. The tough decision was, which one. The guy in Charleston actually looks like Santa, but he wasn't very pleasant and it took us over an hour to see him last year. The guy in Huntington wears a fake beard and their picture prices are extremely high. So I decided, without knowing anything about their Santa, to take Tristan to Ashland. What a good decision! The prices were reasonable, but the real gem was the Santa! He really looks like the real Santa and was SO nice. Here are the pictures:

Here is a transcript of Tristan's visit as told by him:
Me: What did you do today?
Tristan: I see Santa!
Me: What did you tell him you wanted?
T: Sisan play etar! (translated: Tristan play guitar! Which IS what he told Santa!)
Me: What did he give you?
T: Santa give candy canes.
Me: What did Momma get?
T: I gotta go pay. (I told him to stay with Auntie Alex, I have to go pay! That kid doesn't miss a thing!)

December 1, 2011

The Happy Elf--Harry Connick, Jr.

We have a special guest staying with us for the month of December.

Introducing Sgt. Twinkle Star! He is a VERY important member of Elf Recon 1st Squad 2nd Platoon for Santa.

As you can see, his first appearance is in my fall decorations since the Christmas ones haven't made it out yet. His name comes from one of Tristan's favorite songs and shapes.

Sgt. Star has informed me of a little about himself. His favorite Christmas cookie is triple chocolate (a dark chocolate cookie with white and semisweet chocolate chips). His favorite song is "Beautiful Star of Bethlehem" and his favorite Christmas gift of all is baby Jesus. He enjoys making Christmas treats and his favorite elf is Rudolph because he likes an underdog story. He and the other elves even have their own book!

Sgt. Twinkle Star is going to be with us for many years to come.

November 30, 2011

Word Up!--Cameo

Tristan's vocabulary has exploded! In the 3 months since Tyler has come home, he has gone from the occasional two word sentence to the occasional six word sentence! On Sunday he said, "I want play cards. I want play cards! I want play cards, Uncle Jared!"

He uses pronouns, too. I, me, mine, and my are, I think, the only ones so far. I'm already getting tired of "mine" and "my", hahaha!

Word of the day today was "nope.".
Me: Do you want to go change your diaper?
Tristan: Nope.
Me: Are you ready for lunch?
T: Nope.
Me: Do you want to read a book?
T: Nope. Hahaha! (Then he brings me a book, little turkey.)

I can't imagine what he'll be saying by his second birthday.

November 15, 2011

Momma's Taco Dip

I've been craving my Momma's taco dip. It has literally been years since I had it, but out of the blue I could taste it! That was Sunday. I bought the ingredients yesterday and made it last night. I hoped to dig in last night, too, but, by the time I got it and dinner done, it was too late.

So, tonight, it was my bedtime snack and it was every bit as good as I remembered! Lucky you, I feel like sharing (the picture is kind of dark, which bums me out):

Taco Dip
2 8oz packages cream cheese 1 ½ c chopped green pepper
8 oz sour cream 1 c chopped onion
1 8-12 oz jar taco sauce 6-8oz each taco and mozzarella cheese
About 2 c chopped tomatoes tortilla chips

Beat together cream cheese and sour cream.
Spread in a 9x13 pan.
Spread mixture with taco sauce.
Top with remaining ingredients, ending with cheeses.
Serve with tortilla chips.

Note: I made a half batch. Enjoy!

November 7, 2011

The Most Wonderful Time of the Year

It's that time of year again: sickness is taking over. I have had a sinus infection for close to a week (on top of being 12 weeks pregnant) and on top of that, on Friday, Tristan was diagnosed with croup. The croup was caught on day 1, so by day 2 we had moved on to a full sinus drainage/cough cold.

He was put on Prednisone to help with the croup and all it seems to do it make him agitated. He missed nap time completely yesterday and the only good thing is he fell right to sleep. He was a bear all day, though, so that brings me here:

Yep, I'm sitting in the car while he sleeps. I need a break and I'm willing to sit here for a bit to get it. The steroids are making him sleep VERY lightly and everytime I try to move him he starts screaming. I'll take it where I can get it at this point.

September 28, 2011

It Is Well (With My Soul)

I know what you're thinking: Didn't she just say a couple posts ago that she was going to get serious about blogging again? Yes, I did. And I am. I have been sick for a month between a sinus infection and walking pneumonia. On top of all that, Tristan has been sick for two weeks. Needless to say, blogging has been low on my priority list.

The most exciting thing I have to talk about is last night. I took my choir to Susannah Baptist Church in Ona to sing in a revival. It was our first traveling trip since I took over. The service was AMAZING.

I don't like preachers who speak like a college class you don't get credit for, I like to feel like I've been to church and last night I definitely did. There was shouting and crying and testifying, everything an old school baptist needs. The most amazing thing of all was the preaching. Our preacher, Timmy, had gotten up to testify. When the preacher got up to preach he said he felt like he God may have had a different plan for the preaching. Next thing we knew Timmy got up to preach! I'm not sure if I've ever felt the presence of God so clearly.

September 16, 2011

Once Bitten Twice Shy--Great White

A couple weeks ago Tristan fell and knocked a tooth loose. I took him to his pediatrician and she wanted him to see a dentist. There weren't any pediatric dentists in Huntington, but I got lots of recommendations for Teays Valley Pediatric Dentistry. I called them and just so happens they were opening a Huntington office this week. Yesterday was Tristan's appointment and I COULD NOT BELIEVE the place!

This is in the waiting room. The rest of the elephant is back in the hallway.

This is the reception desk. Tristan LOVED the frog.

It looked like a tree, but had 3 bigscreens with cartoons At the top and X-Boxes around the middle with stools that looked like stumps. It's blurry because Tristan was running away (you can see him as a blue blur).

There was a room with a kid sized doorway. On the wall were touchscreen video games and on the other side was a little slide.

There were other animals throughout the building including a second waiting area for siblings who have appointments together with another full sized elephant dressed in safari gear with several PSP's in his satchel! The place was AMAZING!

Tristan loved the hygienist! She let him ride the chair up and down and play with the tools.

The doctor came in to check out his mouth and I laid Tristan back on my lap so I he could look. Tristan cried though his exam, but didn't try to bite or even close his mouth! I was proud. The dentist said his tooth was very loose, but would hopefully tighten up. He also said Tristan's teeth looked great, no spots or cavities, and he had all the ones he was supposed to at his age. He got a ball and tattoo for being good and as I checked out he talked so much the the receptionist that she had another girl come talk to because he talked so well.

September 15, 2011

I'll Fly Away

Tristan has a new favorite song: I'll Fly Away. Please disregard my voice, I've been sick for 3 weeks now with no end in site.

YouTube Video

September 5, 2011

Back In the Saddle Again--Gene Autry

Hey people! You're shocked to see me, I know!! I'm gonna ease back into this blogging thing now that Tyler is back.

For my first post back I'm going to tell you how I've been making some cash, because while I work 14 hours a day and am on call the other 10, being a momma doesn't pay in cash.

First up, Music Director. I know I mentioned this when I got the job, but I'm the music director at our church: Twenty-Sixth Street Baptist Church. Our church is on the move, so if you're looking for an old school Baptist church with young blood (our pastor is 32), we're the church for you. I get a VERY meager salary, for this, but the blessings are many.

Another money maker I'm using is the WeReward iPhone (and Android) app.

You essentially take a picture of yourself in various establishments and make money for it. For example on Saturday, Tyler and I ate at Panera Bread. I took a picture of Tyler with his food and the Panera logo and got paid 50 points/$0.50! If you're going out to eat there's no reason NOT to do this!! Payment is through PayPal. If you're interested, here's the link: Please if you're going to sign up, do me a solid and use my link.

Next up, This is also an iPhone app that pays. It's kind of like secret shopping, except much easier. You open the app and it gives you a list of jobs in your area.

If you accept a job, a counter starts and you have 2 hours to complete it. It is as simple as answering a couple questions in the store and taking a picture. It takes 5 minutes tops and the average job pays $4.00-$5.00 bucks!

Lastly, we come to couponing. I know this isn't actually making money, but it saves big bucks! So far my biggest savings has been 49%! This isn't as much as some folks, but for me it's a great deal. Coupons take some work. To get the deals, you have to not only cut and carry the coupons, but know store policies. Tip: your best savings are at places that double coupons. Our Walmart is currently doing this up to $0.99, but you have to separate out the coupons with each item which is a serious pain, so it's still Kroger for me, thanks.

Wanna chat about money makers and money savers? Shoot me a comment. I LIVE for them, they let me know you're reading this.

July 7, 2011

Anyone Out There?

I'm a blog slacker. I know it. It's been forever since I posted anything, but there's a reason. I don't think anyone reads this. Tristan goes 8am to 9pm and I don't want to waste what time I do have on something no one reads.

So here's the thing if you are a reader of this blog, leave me a comment on this post. If I get some response I'll get back to posting. It's that simple. The fate of the world depends on you. Ok, ok, the fate of this blog depends on you.

May 18, 2011

Time After Time--Cyndi Lauper

Hi, Blogamaniacs! I'm sure you've missed the exciting details of my life. Not! Actually, you probably missed hearing about Tristan. So here goes.

Tristan and I were both sick before Easter. We both ended up with sinus infections. Not only that, I had to direct the choir and sing a solo on Easter. Not fun.

On April 29, Tyler came home!! Sixteen days of fun. We stayed busy, but I wouldn't trade it. I enjoyed seeing Tristan with his Daddy. At first Tristan was shy, even though when I would ask why we were there to see and he would say "Dada". While we waited for Tyler's bag he gave his Daddy a kiss and by the time we left the airport he let his Daddy carry him to the car. After that he was what Tyler called, his "little shadow".

On, Saturday, May, 14, Tristan started calling Tyler's Granny, GG (Great Granny).

Yesterday, Tristan had his 15 month check up. He really hammed it up. He said "doctor" for Doctor Ray and when she liked it, he continued to say it to the point that she went to get her med student at see. He also showed her the location of all his body parts.

Just now my dad had him on the porch and started saying "gull, gull." There was a little girl out on Fatima's playground playing.

His vocabulary is multiplying by the day!

March 28, 2011

Bless You--Martha and the Vandellas

Yesterday I tried to teach Tristan that he is one year old. I said, "Tristan, how old are you? One." then I held up one finger. I did this a couple times and then he held up one finger and said, "Two!" I think he got this from when he is in trouble. He has until the count of three to do what he is supposed to.

He learned another word yesterday. "Tutle," (turtle). He got some new animals to to go with his Ark at mom and dad's, one of which was a turtle. Another animal was a panda and he marches around with it growling.

Today, he came up with something else to say, "Bless you!" When you sneeze, you get the appropriate response. He's so SMART!

March 13, 2011

I've Got A Name--Jim Croce

I told you he is expanding he vocabulary every day. If my dad asks him if he can say any name, Momma, Pawpaw, Mawmaw, etc., he says Dada. Today, he did the usual, but when dad asked him if he could say Tristan he said, well, watch this:

YouTube Video

March 12, 2011

Sweet Dreams--Patsy Cline

Every night since Tristan was born he gets some variation of, "Mommy loves you, night night," as I put him to bed. Tonight he said, "Nie Nie," after I did! I am SO excited I had to share.

In honor of this Momentous Mark in Mommyhood (a new segment?), here are a few of his words: Ca (cat), curcur (cracker), jss (juice), hi, bye-bye, Ai (Addi), Da-Da (Daddy), Je (Uncle Jared), du (done), a ga (all gone), bi (bite), ba (ball). Stay tuned as this list seems to grow by the day.

You've Got A Friend In Me--Randy Newman

Tristan has a best friend. There is no doubt about who it is. Addi and Tristan are inseparable! Here are a few pictures I have taken of them this week:

Tristan was crawling and Addi followed during business meeting.

Walking around the Fellowship Hall.

Talking to my dad.

March 3, 2011

I'm Walkin'--Fats Domino

Going on three months ago, Tristan started holding your hand and walking. Then I stood him up and he walked 3 or 4 steps to my dad then did the same back to me.

Then, he decided he didn't want to walk on his own. He started sitting down as soon as you started to let go. Well, either that or he would pull his feet up and hang off your hands like a monkey to avoid you forcing him to walk.

Over the weekend we went to Florida for my cousin Rachael's wedding. 4 of my mom's 6 sisters were there and with all the attention and excitement Tristan started taking a couple steps here and there between the couch and the table. Monday, in the airport, he took 6 steps between me and my mom, his most yet!

On Tuesday I asked him if he was ready for breakfast, stood him up as I always do and walked toward the kitchen. He just let go of the couch and walked to me! It was only about 8 steps, but it was the first time he had initiated walking by himself. I squealed and jumped and clapped! I was thrilled. I decoded to brush my teeth before breakfast and headed to the bathroom. He played on the side of the tub as usual and when I said let's go and headed toward the kitchen, he followed me walking around 20 or so steps. Cue more fanfare! The third time he walked he pushed himself up from sitting and took off. Its like he was waiting to perfect his walking before he finally let go. We spent Tuesday afternoon on the Grandparents Walking Tour of Huntington.

YouTube Video

I intended to take him on the great-grandparents leg of the tour yesterday, but he had a runny nose which today is accompanied by a cough. He acts like he feels fine, so I'm not worried. As soon as he is well, we'll continue the tour.

February 9, 2011

If I Die Young--The Band Perry

I forgot an important event when I was ticking off Tristan's new verbal accomplishments. On Friday, as we ate dinner, he randomly said uh-oh even though no one had dropped anything. My mom realized the song If I Die Young by The Band Perry was on and asked if he could be singing along. When the second set of "Uh-oh's" came along he did it again! He WAS singing along!

Yesterday, I played the song in the car and he said uh-oh through the whole song! He knew which song was playing. Today I started singing it and he started to uh-oh again. The kid is wicked smart.

February 8, 2011

Pick-up Man--Joe Diffie

As we walked through Wal-Mart tonight, I pointed out things to Tristan like I always do. I said there's a truck to which he said, "cuck!" I asked him if he said truck and he said cuck again.

We were playing with his See and Say and mom asked him where the duck was. He pointed at the duck and quacked! Then she asked where the dog was and he pointed at it and barked!

I'm waiting for him to start saying Momma again. It was the first thing he said, but then a couple months later he just stopped. On Sunday Katelyn asked him where his daddy was (on the family picture) he pointed at Tyler. She asked him where I was in the picture and he turned around and looked at me sitting on the couch. The point being, he knows who I am. I just wish he would say it.

Here he is walking through Target with my dad. Isn't this SO CUTE?!?

February 5, 2011

Old McDonald

Tristan has been on a developmental roll this week.  Just today he said cow and donkey.  He has been saying "ca, ca, ca, ca, ca" (quack) when I ask what a duck says for a couple days now and he can say duck.  He has barked at the dog and a Pluto on Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and at pictures of dogs for a while now.

He's been walking more and more.  He took 4 from dad to me and four back,
 again!  He has taken at least two or three steps on his own every day since the first one.

February 1, 2011

Walk the Line--Johnny Cash

Tristan walked on his own last night!! He's been getting better and better at walking one handed and today he took 8 steps total on his own.

He was trying to follow my mom out of their living room and he thought I had a hold on him. He took 4 deliberate steps on his own before I started yelling for my mom to come and see, which freaked him out. My dad was in the room and freaking out, too!!

A few minutes later I tried to have him demonstrate exactly what had happened so mom could see and he took 4 more steps. After that anytime I tried to let him go, he cried. Little smarty pants.

Later this evening he had me walk him over one handed to his alphabet train. Then, he shook off my hand stood for a minute and sat down. Another thing he had never really done before! He had on his Superman shirt today, I think it was good luck.

I'm hoping he'll have it totally figured out before his birthday!