December 8, 2010

Over There (Part III)-- George Cohan

So, where to start? I haven't been able to send out an email recently for lack of time. We have been working pretty hard in the motor pool fixing trucks. I can't really tell you guys what they are using the trucks for because we still do not have a real mission yet. I'll bet my family thinks I'm full of crap and they are under the impression that I am doing something dangerous and just wont tell them because I dont want to worry them. Well, they are not wrong, I would do something like that if it applied, but it doesn't. We still don't have a mission for real. Actually, it's kinda embarrassing because we are the only battery that doesn't have one. Anyway, I spend most of my day on my back looking up at the underside of a M1165 Hummer. So again, I'll try to read the minds of my family and friends and say, "wait a minute, when has Tyler ever done any mechanics work on trucks". The answer is never really. I worked at Advanced Auto Parts for a short time but thats about it. So needless to say I am learning ALOT. I pulled a radiator out of a truck and replaced it with a new one two days ago. You can imagion the mess I made. But I got the truck working (happy face).
They are working on leave times right now. It goes in order of lowest rank and works up. So all the lower enlisted guys get to pick first and then the sargeants get to pick. I chose a couple of time slots in the April-May area so we'll see if I get them. If all the good times get picked then I will have to take a slot in Febuary. Good and bad, I will be home for Tristan's first birthday, but it's kinda earily in the tour. I'll be in touch when I can.

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