December 8, 2010

Bad Day--Daniel Powter

Tristan and I have had a tough couple of days. Yesterday morning he woke up with a stuffy nose and by afternoon he had a fever. I took him to the doctor and the doctor said his throat and ears looked good and his chest sounded good and it's more than likely a virus.

Today he woke up at 5am today, still with a fever. I gave him some Tylenol and put him back to bed, but he continued to stir till about 6. I made him a bottle, which he promptly drained, and he decided he was feeling good. He got in the floor and played with his Little People Nativity and his jingle bells. I was totally exhausted, so my sister-in-law, Alex, who had spent the night to help, took him. I got back up around 8:30, but kept dozing on the couch until about 10 (thanks Alex, you're the best sister ever!). At about 10:30 he was ready for a nap, so I laid him down. He slept until about 12:00, awakening with another fever. I've been fighting the fever ever since. It goes down and back up, to 104+, but never away completely. On top of all that, I hadn't talked to Tyler in 3 days before today.

The moral of this story is somebody please pray for my baby and me. I'm afraid for him and also for getting sick myself. It's hard enough dealing with all this on my own, but worrying about Tyler just makes it worse.

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MariahSmile said...

I hope you feel better really really soon!!!