November 22, 2010

Over There--George Cohan (Part II)

Tyler's latest email:

Not too much as changed in the couple days. I have been assigned to the motorpool (surprise, surprise) so I will start doing that sometime next week. More to follow on that. I must say that I did not anticipate how COLD the desert is. From sundown to sun up, one really needs a jacket when outside. The minimum is a long sleeve shirt. Walking back and forth to the bathroom/shower house you hands almost go numb. There is a ping pong tourny today that i have entered. More to follow on that too. I should win, no one here can beat me so far. A few people have asked about pictures. Right now I dont have anyway to send them. The only internet that is available to me is in a trailor with about twenty stations at it. They wont let you plug in any external devices. You can purchase an "air card" from different sourses around here, but it is pretty over priced and not that reliable. We are kinda holding out for some other options that might present itself. Once again, more to follow on that. All and all, its not a bad gig here in Kuwait. Just miss my family and friends. It doesnt help that the holidays are coming up. Sad face. Love you guys.

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