November 17, 2010

Over There--George Cohan (Part I)

I am going to post every group email Tyler sends out while he is gone. Here is the first one:

Well, we landed about twelve hours ago. Honestly, it's not at all what I thought it was going to be. I thought we would get off the plane and immediately start sweating but I guess because it was in the middle of the night we didnt. Right now I am rooming with two other guys that I got to know in WI. They are both real good guys. My first meal was pretty good. The chow hall is kinda big so I didnt really know which way to go. That wont happen again because I missed the line that takes you to steaks. Still no word on our mission. They haven't told us anything really. You will know when I know so don't ask. Hahaha. We hit three continents in less than 24 hours. From WI to Maine, then to Ireland, then right into Kuwait. I bought a Harry Potter book in Ireland. I couldnt help myself. I also got some money while I was there too. Happy face. Alright, I'll be in touch.

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