November 21, 2010

Card Me!

I've never used Shutterfly, but I hear about people who use it all the time.  Then I hear about a promotion they are running for bloggers to get free Christmas cards so I had to check it out.  The details can be found here, so get over there and get in on the action!

Anywho, so check to see if the promo is worth my time and energy and low and behold, Shutterfly ROCKS!  There are literally THOUSANDS of photo products, from coffee mugs to playing cards.  Here's is my preliminary favorite:
I would love to send out pictures of Tristan's sweet little face for Christmas since people are constantly asking to see pictures of him.  They even have super cute gift tags!!
Gotta love that reindeer :)

And the baby announcements make me wish I had made some when Tristan was born. 
 So based on the sheer amounts of cuteness, Shutterfly is officially on my radar.  I'll be checking out all the stuff you can put pictures on, so don't be surprised if you get a gift with Tristan's face on it.

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