October 24, 2010

Revive Us Again--William Mackay

This week was Revival at our church. Lee Dean was the evangelist an he did a great job. Music was by a different person or group each night.

On Monday, our Praise Team sang. The members singing were: Bethany, Sarah, Timmy, Alex and me.

On Tuesday, Jared Dean brought the special music. I had Tristan in the parlor so I didn't get to hear much. What I could hear sounded great.

On Wednesday, our choir sang. They sounded AMAZING! I was really nervous because this was the first special performance the choir had since I took over leadership.

On Thursday, the Big Branch Praise Team sang. They were really good and their piano player was unbelievably talented.

We kept Tristan in the back of the sanctuary all week. He was pretty good other than the fact that he kept trying to crawl up the aisle. Last night, when service was over, I let him crawl up the aisle. Addi came over to play with him. She walked halfway up the aisle and motioned for Tristan to come to her. It was SO cute. Brittany said they are going to get into a lot of trouble together. I said we were the ones going to be in trouble.

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