October 31, 2010

"Grim, Grinning Ghosts"--The Haunted Mansion Singing Busts

This year The Great Pumpkin rose from the most sincere pumpkin patch and came to my house. He looked like this:

We started Tristan's first trick-or-treat at Memaw and Papaw's house. Memaw gave him a Tootsie Pop. He always grabs the bell off their coffee table and chews on it, but this time he picked it up and started ringing it without being shown how!

YouTube Video

When we left their house we went to Trunk-or-Treat at church. That's where our members all pull into the parking lot with cars decorated and dish candy out of our trunks, or hatch in my case.

Tristan's top teeth are trying to come in and he had been in a bad mood all day. When kids started showing up in their costumes, though, he started to ham it up.

We were joined by Mim, Papaw John, Granny, Suesue and my mom and dad. Everyone wanted to see the cutest pumpkin around.

After I took him around to see his church friends, I let Tristan sit in the back of my truck. He started pulling candy out of my bucket and gnawing on the candy bars!

Prayer Request

Hello faithful blog readers. I just wanted to take a minute to ask all of you to please pray for our best friends', Brittany and Timmy's, little girl Addison. She has had four seizures today and is in the hospital as they try to figure out why.

She had only had two before, one at 6 months and one at 12 months. All the tests they ran in the past and so far today have been normal. That is both good and bad. Obviously it's great that it is normal, but it also stinks because they can't figure out why.

Please pray for Addi that she gets better and her family because it is hard on them being in constant fear that another seizure will come on. God is amazing and can fix this. Thanks in advance for praying.

October 24, 2010

The Climb--Miley Cyrus

YouTube Video

Tristan has been pulling himself up the short steps I the balcony at our church for a while. He can even climb up a regular step with enough time. Here he climbed up a short stair at New Baptist. The difference this time was that he walked up the stairs!

Revive Us Again--William Mackay

This week was Revival at our church. Lee Dean was the evangelist an he did a great job. Music was by a different person or group each night.

On Monday, our Praise Team sang. The members singing were: Bethany, Sarah, Timmy, Alex and me.

On Tuesday, Jared Dean brought the special music. I had Tristan in the parlor so I didn't get to hear much. What I could hear sounded great.

On Wednesday, our choir sang. They sounded AMAZING! I was really nervous because this was the first special performance the choir had since I took over leadership.

On Thursday, the Big Branch Praise Team sang. They were really good and their piano player was unbelievably talented.

We kept Tristan in the back of the sanctuary all week. He was pretty good other than the fact that he kept trying to crawl up the aisle. Last night, when service was over, I let him crawl up the aisle. Addi came over to play with him. She walked halfway up the aisle and motioned for Tristan to come to her. It was SO cute. Brittany said they are going to get into a lot of trouble together. I said we were the ones going to be in trouble.

October 13, 2010

In Pictures

Tristan and I have both had sinus issues going on for 4 weeks now and since we didn't know if we were contagious I didn't want to take him around the great-grandparents. We finally ventured a visit to Memaw and Papaw's house, but they weren't home. Here's a bit of what we've been up to recently.

Playing with his new cars.

Asleep at the Pumpkin Festival.

Playing on his hands and knees.

Peekaboo, Momma!

Time to lower the mattress.

YouTube Video

October 3, 2010

Sittin' Up In My Room--Brandy

Who ever heard of a kid crawling before they could sit up on their own? Me apparently. Tristan finally sat up from the laying position today! FOUR TIMES!!

He's already getting tired of crawling. He keeps getting up on his hands and feet when he crawls. My mom said neither I nor my brother crawled much and she thinks Tristan may be the same.

October 1, 2010

La Bamba--Traditional Mexican Folk Song

Britt and I took Tristan and Addi to Rio Grande for dinner. When we got there it was Mariachi Band night. We've talked several times about going on the night when the mariachi band would be there, but we've never known when that is.

Tonight was the night and Tristan loved it! He jumped the ENTIRE time we were there anytime the music started. Addi shimmied, which I always think is so cute.

I recognized most of the songs they played, such as La Bamba and Tequilla. When they got to our table they did a medley for the kids of It's a Small World, the Merry Melodies Theme and the Popeye Theme.

The waiters, band members and other restaurant patrons all watched him. They guitarist second from the right is smiling at him in the picture above. The band guys and waiters kept talking to him. I was joking last night at Subway that he causes a scene with his cuteness everywhere we go.