September 10, 2010

Like a Rolling Stone--Bob Dylan

Tristan is { } <----- this close to crawling. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks a little bit. That doesn't mean it isn't mobile. He's been creeping for a while. He gets up on his knees and inches out on his face. His most efficient form of travel, however, is rolling. He can be completely across the floor in 4 rolls.

Last night I went in to mix his bedtime bottle while his daddy "watched" him. 30 seconds later I looked in from the kitchen and didn't see him. I came in the living room and this is what I saw:

He had been sitting on the blanket when I went to the kitchen!

He hasn't pushed himself into a sitting position from his back, but last night he laid down on his Pillow Pet on his side and pushed himself right back up like it was nothing! Then he laid on his belly with one leg in front Indian style and the other straight out to the back and pushed himself right back up to a sitting position. If I hold my hand out to him he pulls himself up into a sitting position. I told Tyler last night that it literally seems like he has advanced exponentially everyday this week.

Today I was rinsing his bottle and he was sitting with his daddy (see a pattern?). I heard him singing again! The first time was, as you will remember, during Ark•e•ology (see that post for details). Today he was saying "Ba ba ba" to a little tune. Even Tyler agreed and he ALWAYS underestimates anything Tristan does.

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