September 30, 2010


I couldn't think of any songs about disgusting blisters, so I just went with the obvious. Tyler wanted me to share with all of you the pictures of his small pox vaccine site. That's right, while small pox is considered eradicated in the modernized world, the Middle East is no such place. Without further ado:
September 26

September 29

His spot apparently looks WAY worse than everyone else's. So much so that he showed it to the doctor, but he said it looked fine.

September 26, 2010

Crazy Train--Black Sabbath

Today was crazy as far as Tristan's development is concerned! I set him in the bed to dig in his drawer or socks and this happened:

He pulled himself up!

Tristan has been really fussy today so this evening at church I let him roll around in the floor of the balcony. I took this picture:

then laid down my phone. Tristan decided he wanted he crawled to it! Alex got a video of him crawling just a couple steps the second time. He takes two crawly steps toward me about halfway through the video.

YouTube Video

September 25, 2010

Just Push Play--Aerosmith

YouTube Video

In case you couldn't tell, the video is Addison pushing Tristan in his stroller using the bar on the basket you put your bags in as the handle! I have a feeling he better get used to her bossing him around.

September 19, 2010

Day by Day-From the Musical Godspell

When I got back to town on Thursday I went straight to church and dropped off Tristan with my mom so I could go home and get a nap. After the nap, the three of us went to the grocery store. It was Tristan's first trip in a shopping cart and, as usual, he did awesomely. He rode the whole time. Anyone who knows my mom knows she takes about 2 hours at the store, so Tristan riding the whole time is amazing.

I'm also working with Tristan on using the sippy cup. He's doing pretty good, but I'm not sure he totally gets all the mechanics, even though he can get a drink out of it periodically. Tomorrow I'm going to start hitting it hard. I'm going to put his formula in the sippy cup for the meals where he eats food.

September 18, 2010

Time Marches On--Tracy Lawrence

I know a lot of you have been hoping for updates, but the fact is between keeping Tristan busy and soaking up every second with Tyler I haven't felt like it.

On Monday, Tyler, Tristan and I drove to Morgantown. We stopped in Flatwoods at an awesome antique mall. When we go to Morgantown, I took Tyler straight to the armory then went and checked into the hotel. Tristan and I went to a bookstore and killed time until we had to pick up Tyler.

Tuesday, I went to the Morgantown mall with Tristan. We hung out there until we had to pick up Tyler.

Wednesday was a busy day. It was Family Day at the armory so Tristan and I went to spend time with his daddy. If he were a bit older he would have had a lot of fun since they had inflatables and crafts.

There was food, but the line was so long that by the time Tyler and I got in it they had run out. After that Tyler went to his going away ceremony and I went to Meadowbrook Mall in Clarksburg with the baby. I wasn't going to the ceremony because we thought it was outside. I spent the day at the mall where Tristan learned he could pull things off the shelves and racks. As I headed back toward the hotel Tyler called and told me he wanted me at the ceremony. I was only 10 minutes away so we went.

The first thing I noticed about the place was how many people there were. Then how unbeiveably hot it was. The ceremony was reletively short. Congressman Alan Mollohan spoke as did General Tackett and Governor Manchin. The longest part was that the Governor and the Honor Delegation shook hands with every soldier. Tyler can be seen here with 50 seconds left in the video on the bottom left corner in front of the WV flag. He can also be seen (better view) with 2 seconds left in the right bottom corner.

Yesterday was goodbye. The bus picked the guys up at the hotel. Tristan and I told Tyler goodbye as he left for Fort McCoy WI. I barely cried! This was all God because I'm a huge crier. I cried in Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith. I think it was that I know I'll see him again before he actually goes to Kuwait. I think I'll really loose it then.

September 11, 2010

Where Were You When The World Stopped Turning--Alan Jackson

Today is 9/11/10, the ninth anniversary of the worst terror attacks ever on US soil. Tyler and I watched specials all week on National Geographic Channel like "Guiliani's 9/11," "Inside 9/11," and "Interrogating Sadam." I saw some views of the planes striking the towers that I had never seen before. The images, even the ones I've seen hundreds of times, still chill me.

I remember exactly where I was that day. I was in my first semester at Marshall and we had been in class around a month. My least favorite class was Chemistry, so naturally that's where I was. It started at 9:00am and my professor, who is the only teacher in my entire school career I can say I hated, was a few minutes late. We were discussing leaving when he came breezing into the room, headed to his desk and said, "2 planes have crashed into the towers of the World Trade Center in New York. Indications are it may be a terrorist attack. We, however, will continue on."
With that, he got out his maker and started writing chem stuff on the board. Here he essentially tells us the world is ending, we were 18, and we're going to learn chemistry. It was quite possibly the worst hour and 20 minutes of my life. When I came out, Tyler was waiting for me. He had been watching the events unfold in one of the labs. We went home and my other class, Human Anatomy, was canceled, which was good because I had no intention of going.

I know there aren't many people who can say 9/11 was a lifesaver, but for our family, it was. My dad's plant held a blood drive about 2 months after 9/11. He walked the few blocks to the office to give blood. When he got there, his blood pressure was so elevate that the told him they couldn't let him donate and to see his doctor, though he didn't even have a doctor. The doctor sent him for a stress test and the first week of December, at the age of 49, he had a quintuple bypass, with one vein jumping 2 blockages. 2 of the veins were 100% blocked. He had never had a single chest pain. The doctor told him he probably never would have had any pain, we just would have found him dead. If it hadn't been for 9/11, my daddy may not be alive now.

God bless all those who died that day: civilians, firefighters, policemen and EMS. May God also shine his light on the families of those involved in this tragedy.

September 10, 2010


Tonight we had dinner at Tyler's dad's house and watched the Marshall/WVU game. Dinner was steak grilled by Terry, mashed potatoes, green beans, corn and apple cobbler all made by Lisa, and Memaw and Papaw's delicious salad with homemade ranch dressing.

After dinner we watched the game. As fun as it was to watch the Thundering Herd, I think I had more fun listening to Memaw throughout the game.

Some of my favorites were:
Terry: "Mother, are you for WVU?"
Memaw: "Lands no! I was hollering for that boy to get down there." (after a field long TD for Marshall)

Terry: "You all are awful quiet over there. Mother isn't even cheering."
Trevor: "That's because Memaw is cheering for WVU."
Memaw: "West Virginia?!? (then under her breath) You've gotta be kidding me."

The guys gave Memaw a hard time, but she bleeds green, I could tell. She was cheering, they just couldn't hear her because Curt was practically in Terry's lap after every play. It was a really fun night.

In the immortal words of Coach Sonny Randall, "Go Herd, everybody!"

Like a Rolling Stone--Bob Dylan

Tristan is { } <----- this close to crawling. He gets on his hands and knees and rocks a little bit. That doesn't mean it isn't mobile. He's been creeping for a while. He gets up on his knees and inches out on his face. His most efficient form of travel, however, is rolling. He can be completely across the floor in 4 rolls.

Last night I went in to mix his bedtime bottle while his daddy "watched" him. 30 seconds later I looked in from the kitchen and didn't see him. I came in the living room and this is what I saw:

He had been sitting on the blanket when I went to the kitchen!

He hasn't pushed himself into a sitting position from his back, but last night he laid down on his Pillow Pet on his side and pushed himself right back up like it was nothing! Then he laid on his belly with one leg in front Indian style and the other straight out to the back and pushed himself right back up to a sitting position. If I hold my hand out to him he pulls himself up into a sitting position. I told Tyler last night that it literally seems like he has advanced exponentially everyday this week.

Today I was rinsing his bottle and he was sitting with his daddy (see a pattern?). I heard him singing again! The first time was, as you will remember, during Ark•e•ology (see that post for details). Today he was saying "Ba ba ba" to a little tune. Even Tyler agreed and he ALWAYS underestimates anything Tristan does.

September 4, 2010

Friends--Michael W. Smith

Tonight was the Labor Day Camp Reunion and boy were there A LOT of memories.

Labor Day Camp has been a tradition at Twenty-Sixth Street Baptist Church since 1954! From Friday until Monday kids and adults are having fun and getting closer to God.

We had dinner, then Shelly put together a slideshow/video that was about an hour long. It had pictures from WAY back, probably before I was born, a few from when I was younger and several of our skits. The skits were from 2001, 2003 and 2004. My personal favorite was entitled "This is Rick" where the guys who used to work for him did a skit about working for him, from driving with no hands drinking coffee and talking on the phone, to driving in the snow with the top down on the Jeep.

We also talked about vespers. Those were the times during camp where we got so close to God. They had vespers tonight, but it was cold and time for Tristan to go to bed, so we went home.

Here is Timmy sharing a story about what camp has meant to him: