August 22, 2010

The Tooth Book by Dr. Seuss

Tristan did a lot of growing up this past week in Tennessee.

He started saying new sounds in addition to Ma-Ma and Da-Da.  He says Na-Na and Ba-Ba.  He pretty much calls everything Da-Da.  He also started putting sounds together.

He started changing the volume and tone of his voice.  He whispers and grunts out his sounds.  It is too cute.

He started trying to sit up instead of rolling over to see things.  He lifts his head and shoulders up, but hasn't actually sat up yet.  It won't be too long.

The biggest even was he got his first tooth!  It's the bottom right tooth.  He was a little fussy, but nothing terrible.  I was playing with him, holding him up, and he smiled great big at me.  There it was.  It wasn't all the way through the skin, that took a couple of days, but I could see it right under the skin.  Now it's all the way out.  He's growing so fast, it is hard to believe.

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Miranda said...

YAY for a first tooth! Tristan used to say "da da" for everything too..LoL :-)