August 11, 2010

The Long, Hot Summer (1958)

Today I went over to church to try to go through and organize some of the stuff in my office/choir room. It was just way too hot! After the air had been turned down for 2 hours the temperature was only down to 83 degrees. The room was also a big mess. I couldn't even find the choir's CD player to listen to some of the CD's for the sheet music! I'm not sure where it was.

I think the problem is that there's too much stuff in that one room. It has all the adult music and the kids music, not to mention all the choir robes. Well, that and the fact the it was sweltering in there. I could have tackled the clutter is it hadn't been so hot. Grrr! I'm gonna have to have my mom set the thermostat the night before and just get over there and do it.

Tristan hung out with my mom while I burned up. He had a good time as always.

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