August 31, 2010


Sunday was a very busy day. Tristan was in his first play at church. The kids did a play called Ark•e•ology! It was the story of Noah' Ark and God's promises, from the perspective of the animals, in word and song. Tristan was a bear.

Brittany and I walked him and Addi (a bunny) onto the stage and held them through the first song. Tristan was unbelievably good. He held his bear and watch the other kids the whole time he was on stage. He didn't even try to take off his ears! Then Britt and I took the kids and sat on the front pew. Tristan watched the play, chewed his bear (his mate in the 2 by 2 on the ark) and hummed during the music (he'd never done that before).

Sunday afternoon was even busier! We had lunch at Rick and Tammy's, then we had Tristan's picture made by Rick. He took pictures of Tristan in several different outfits alone, with Addi, with me, with Tyler and with me and Tyler (a family picture). I can't wait to get those back. Rick took our wedding pictures and my brother's wedding pictures, too. He does a great job.

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Miranda said...

He's the cutest bear I've ever seen! I can't wait to see your family pictures! :-)