June 16, 2010

Come Clean--Hilary Duff

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning my house, since we'll have company after Jared's wedding who I'm sure will want to see my house. Tristan stayed with Kim so I could get some real work done.

Ever since we moved in to our house, the grout in my bathroom has been yucky. It was gray and grimy, but I had tried everything to change that. I scrubed it, I bleached it, I used mildew remover, and all of this many MANY times. I always use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on my tub, so when they came out with the new one with bathroom cleanser, I was all over it. I never thought to use it to scrub my grout, until I saw it on the commercial.

As I was cleaning my tub, I used it on the grout and it was like a miracle! It still took some elbow grease and honestly it's still not 100%, but it is worlds better. I think with a bit more time and another eraser, I could have taken care of it completely.

The bad part is that it has SEVERELY aggrivated my pinched ulnar nerve, hence me typing this at 4:15am. I knew as I was doing it, that this would be what I would go through tonight, but it needed to be done. If Tyler were here I would take one of my Percocet left from having the baby, but they make me SO sleepy and I can't afford that when I'm the only one who can watch him. Pray for me that I can get some sleep. Hey! I just realized the last Tylenol I took was at midnight. Time for more! See prayer works!

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alex :) said...

hey if u ever just need rest, I don't mind taking care of Tristan. just let me know.