June 29, 2010

Eat It--Weird Al Yankovic

Today was, as my brother called it, "The Maiden Voyage of the S.S. Spoon". That means we gave Tristan food! He got thin rice cereal, which he expertly ate. I was told at his four month visit, three weeks ago, that I could give him food, but Tyler wanted me to wait until he came back from Annual Training.

And now...for your viewing pleasure...The S.S. Spoon!

YouTube Video

June 18, 2010

The Hand Song--Nickel Creek

Prep for Bub and Chelle's wedding is in full swing. Last night, mom and I went to Suntan City and got a VersaSpa sunless tan. I had taken the sheets off my bed to wash, but ended up putting them back on since I couldn't take a shower. I can't stand the smell of sunless tanner. I spent most of last night trying to get things ready for me and the baby. In the midst of packing, this happened:

I was furious!

Today, mom and I got up and went to get our nails done. She got a full set if acrylics and a pedicure. I got a French manicure since my nails are already long (minus the evil broken one from last night) and a pedicure. My feet got SO dry while I was pregnant and hadn't recovered yet. I was a bit worried about the manicure because of the broken nail, but it turned out great!

A few errands to run and we're headed to Logan county!

June 16, 2010

Come Clean--Hilary Duff

Yesterday, I spent the better part of the afternoon cleaning my house, since we'll have company after Jared's wedding who I'm sure will want to see my house. Tristan stayed with Kim so I could get some real work done.

Ever since we moved in to our house, the grout in my bathroom has been yucky. It was gray and grimy, but I had tried everything to change that. I scrubed it, I bleached it, I used mildew remover, and all of this many MANY times. I always use the Mr. Clean Magic Eraser on my tub, so when they came out with the new one with bathroom cleanser, I was all over it. I never thought to use it to scrub my grout, until I saw it on the commercial.

As I was cleaning my tub, I used it on the grout and it was like a miracle! It still took some elbow grease and honestly it's still not 100%, but it is worlds better. I think with a bit more time and another eraser, I could have taken care of it completely.

The bad part is that it has SEVERELY aggrivated my pinched ulnar nerve, hence me typing this at 4:15am. I knew as I was doing it, that this would be what I would go through tonight, but it needed to be done. If Tyler were here I would take one of my Percocet left from having the baby, but they make me SO sleepy and I can't afford that when I'm the only one who can watch him. Pray for me that I can get some sleep. Hey! I just realized the last Tylenol I took was at midnight. Time for more! See prayer works!

June 14, 2010

Happy Birthday--Traditional

Yesterday was SueSue's 50th Birthday! Kim worked so hard to throw together a surprise party. The party was at Fourth Avenue United Methodist Church, where SueSue goes. Granny was tasked with getting her there and only when she saw the cars in the church parking lot did she figure it out. She opened LOTS of presents, including this bear that sings Happy Birthday.
Tristan partied hearty! He was oohed and ahhed over and after an hour and a half, i put him in his car seat and rocked him to sleep with minimal fussing right in the middle of the action.

June 11, 2010

Roll With Me--Montgomery Gentry

YouTube Video

Tristan is on a roll! He rolls back and forth all day long. He has also started saying "Muh-Muh" anytime I'm not paying attention to him. I'm going to try to get video of it, so wish me luck.

Here Comes the Sun--The Beatles

Today, Tristan and I walked down to visit Memaw and Papaw Ellis. Was in rare form. He squealed and stood on my lap.

Papaw rang his bell and then gave it to Tristan. Tristan held the bell and I shook his little arm to ring it. Then he tried to chew on it, so I took it away. It was a great visit.

June 10, 2010

The Twilight Saga : Eclipse " Something New " Exclusive Sneak Peek

I am so stoked for Eclipse! Even if you haven't seen any of these (I mean really, what rock do you live under?!?) you have to admit, it looks AWESOME!

June 9, 2010

"Stand by Me"--Ben E. King

I think Tristan does something new everyday now. He never wants to lay down in your arms like a baby unless he's eating or going to sleep.

He likes to stand up and only needs minimal assistance to do it.

He also only needs the tiniest bit of help to sit up, too.

Yesterday, he spent most of the afternoon rolling onto his tummy and then back onto his back. Sometimes he would get on his tummy and start screaming. I would put him back on his back and he would be happy. It was like he got flustered and forgot how to get back to his back. I couldn't get this on video because Lucky thinks you are trying to play with him anytime you get in the floor. I'm gonna keep trying, though.

Today he had his 4 month doctor's visit. He weighs 13lbs 9.5oz and is 24 1/2 inches long. He was in the 50th percentile on everything. She put him on his tummy and said she was surprised by how well he could hold himself up. She also gave me the ok to start him on food! Tyler wants me to wait for him (he says he has looked forward to this more than anything else), so it will be a couple weeks. He also got 3 shots and has been fussy and acting like his legs are sore all evening. He's in bed now and I hope he sleeps well, poor baby.

June 6, 2010

Sergeant Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band--The Beatles

Is official!

Tyler made Sergeant! He's officially SGT Tyler Ellis as far as the Army is concerned. He had to make Sergeant before he could make Lieutenant. His Captain said if he has to make E-5 first (that's Sergeant), them make him E-5. When the Captain says do it, you do it. I'm so proud of him!

June 2, 2010

Baby Love--The Supremes

Addi loves Tristan. She can't get enough of playing with him and when he's around she consentrates totally on him. Here's the cutest yet:

YouTube Video

June 1, 2010

Scream--Chris Cornell

Tristan and I have a routine. About an hour to an hour and a half after every bottle, he takes a nap. He usually takes these in his cradle swing. Tyler is off work because he leaves for his annual Army training this week and he's messing up the routine.

Today, I put Tristan in the swing where he usually fusses for a few minutes and falls asleep and his daddy couldn't be quiet long enough for him to go to sleep. We don't keep a quiet house, but I don't holler through the house when he's trying to sleep either. Tristan finally started to drift off and Tyler opens the front door, light streaming in, and stands there trying to talk to me about cutting his hair for AT. I tell him we can talk later and go run (he was headed out to the park). When he leaves, Tristan screams his head off for half an hour!

I like my routine and so does Tristan. When his naps are interrupted, he takes forever to calm back down. Tyler needs to respect the routine and that I know what Tristan wants better than him.