May 25, 2010

Tammy--Debbie Reynolds

For whatever reason today I have had the song "Tammy" from the movie "Tammy and the Bachelor" in my head. As usual, my brain started working in it's wild and mysterious ways.

I started to wonder how many people my age would even have seen "Tammy and the Bachelor," let alone know the song. I wonder how many people my age would know that Leslie Nielson used to be a leading man, not a comedian (he was gorgeous when he was young, by the way).

Tyler and I had a similar conversation the other day. His students were studying Physics and one asked about time travel (hey, they're 9th graders). He went into his "Back to the Future"/River Theory of time travel, versus the "Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban"/Loop Theory. The River Theory is that time is linear. Changing one thing sends everything on a different branch, like in Back to the Future when Marty meets his mom and she falls for him causing he and his siblings to start disappearing from a family picture. He has to get his mom and dad together so he is born. The Loop Theory is that whatever happened, happened. It always happens the same, and any attempts to change things cause them to happen. FYI, he says the Loop Theory is how time travel really works. Wow, i really didn't need to explain all that, but the point was that the kids had never heard of Back to the Future!!!

Tyler and I then proceeded to argue about how kids could not know "Back to the Future". As an example he said our "Sleeping Beauty" is their "Mulan". I told him that was ludicrous because Disney's "Sleeping Beauty" came out in 1959! I just wonder where the kids are like me. "Gone With the Wind" has been my favorite movie since I was a little kid. I read it for the first time in high school! I LOVED all 1,048 pages!

I wonder if it comes down to parents. Parents seem to be less and less involved in their kids lives. I watched GWTW with my mom as a kid. The same goes for "Tammy and the Bachelor." If kids aren't spending time with their parents, they aren't seeing these movies, I mean how many 9 year olds will choose to watch "Gone With the Wind" on their own?

Are these old movies, and even newer ones like "Back the the Future" going to disappear? I hate to thinks so, but it sure seems likely.

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