May 21, 2010

Bite My Tongue--Reliant K

Tristan is definitely teething. He's been extra slobbery, chewing his hands, putting everything he can get his little hands on into his mouth and he has 2 little white humps on his lower gums. Yesterday he started holding his ear and today he was extra fussy and ran a low grade fever. I wonder when those little boogers will busy through the skin.

In other news, I returned Tristan's Bumbo seat. I found something much cooler on a friend's baby registry and since Tristan had only set in his Bumbo for about 10 minutes total, I didn't feel bad about returning it. What I got is called the Super Seat by Summer Infant. It is a booster seat with a cushy pad that goes in it to use like a Bumbo. You can just use it as a booster or it also comes with a tray that rotates 360 degrees and has 5 toys and 2 little cups for snacks. For $2 more than the Bumbo, it's a much better deal. Here's Tristan in his Super Seat:

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Jan AKA Wammy said...

We are going thru teething and it is a pain. Two at fun!

Never used a bumbo...don't think I ever will...too expensive and what's a kid to do...just sit there.

You will love the new seat and Tristan will have hours of entertainment. We had one like that for little Trevor and he loved it. Michael was always trying to get in it.