April 12, 2010

Switch--Will Smith

Last Saturday I switched Tristan's formula.

I was at my wits end with his puking. He was on Nutramigen, a "hypoallergenic" formula. I had asked the doctor at his last appointment, when she had sent him for a pyloric ultrasound, if his symptoms could be an allergy. She told me his formula was milk and soy free, which I knew to be incorrect. Nutramigen is made from milk and has soy listed as an ingredient, the proteins are just partially broken down. Nutramigen is normally the last resort formula.

With no other options, I changed him to a soy formula on Saturday. I figured since his formula had soy in it, it would narrow out a milk allergy. By Monday, he was a different baby. He's constantly smiling. He let's me put him down without crying. On Monday I cleaned my living room and on Tuesday I did the rest of the house! He played in his bouncy seat the entire time.

Tonight I took him out of his swing and put him back in the bassinet. He has slept in the swing since birth because everytime he got anything reseembling flat, even on a wedge, he choked and puked. In 8 weeks, the poor kid never went more than a day without projectile vomiting at least once. As of today, it's been 8 days since he threw up! It took me changing him on my own when the doctor wouldn't help. Needless to say, we're finding a new doctor.

I feel like a giant burden has been lifted off of me. God is good.

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emmy said...

I alwyas have said that Mom's know their babies best. Yep...I'd be looking for a nre doctor too.

Jan AKA Wammy said...

Enough to drive you crazy! You will get it figured out!