March 31, 2010

Doctor Feelgood--Motley Crue

In about 12 hours, Tristan has an appointment to see his doctor. He's still throwing up at least once a day. For the past few days it's been more like 2 or three times a day, projectile style. He's also REALLY gassy on both ends. I'm not sure if it is an allergy or what, but my poor baby needs relief! If he doesn't have a significant change in a hurry, I'm taking him somewhere else. He's such a good baby when he's not in distress, it breaks my heart for him to constantly be in misery. Please pray for my baby.

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March 23, 2010

Smile--Charlie Chaplin

Tristan has been smiley all day today. He hasn't cried nearly as much either. The doctor started him on Prevacid yesterday and I'm hoping it is a sign.

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March 19, 2010

One Pair of Hands--Glenn Campbell

Tristan's nails are ridiculously long. I decided to clip them. I clipped the nail on his left pinky finger, then moved on to the ring finger. I clipped his ring finger! It bled and everything! He even cried real tears! The only thing that made me feel better is that he only cried for about a minute and then he was over it. I think it hurt me more than it hurt him.

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March 3, 2010

It Makes Me Ill--N*SYNC

Well, it came sooner than I expected. Tristan has his first cold. His daddy was sick last week and brought it home to us. First Tristan got sick, now me. The worst part is Tyler is doing drill with the Army this weekend. He's also making up for the drill he missed the weekend before Tristan was born. Normally, Tyler takes the night shift and I take days. Even though he's not going away for drill (he'll be home in the evenings), he will be going to bed early. I know me having him pretty much 24/7 was bound to come, especially with Tyler starting to teach, but I would rather get broken in without a sick baby and sick momma.
Tristan saw the doctor today, our first outing alone together. It went really well. He had lost weight, he weighs 6 pounds 8 ounces, but that's still more than his birth weight. He's been throwing up a bit since the doctor started him on formula (he was allergic to me apparently, lol), so she has us giving him a bit of rice cereal in his bottle. She says if the puking hasn't improved by Monday to call them and she'll prescribe him Zantac. I hope the rice cereal helps him. Even with the puking, he still seems to feel much better than he did before he started formula.