February 23, 2010

The More I Drink--Blake Shelton

Tristan has had a rough couple of weeks. About 10 minutes after he eats he gets horribly painful gas and screams and cries for at least half an hour. I cut out dairy, chocolate, peanuts and broccoli, my pain medication from my c-section and my allergy medication. Instead of any positive reactions, on Saturday and Sunday he had diarrhea. I finally called the doctor and she told us to bring him in today. She said it sounds like he's allergic to something in my diet and there should have been some improvement even though it can take up to two weeks for the offending food to get totally out of my system.
She wants us to try Tristan on Nutramigen, a formula for sensitive babies. As much as I hate to put him on formula, I hate his hours of pain more. He has had 4 bottle feeds and so far, not pain. I hope this isn't a fluke because I couldn't stand for his pain to come back.

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