June 29, 2009

Yankee Doodle Dandy

Ok, all you Cincinnatians (is that a word?). We are thinking about going to Cincinnati for the Forth of July and need your help. If we make it, we are going to see the Reds at 1:10pm on July 4th. When the game is over, we want to hit the best celebration in the area. I've been looking at hotels, but I hate to spend the money for a Downtown hotel if another area has a better thing going. Here's the call: If you live in the Cincinnati/Dayton area, what is the best place to go to celebrate the 4th? The best not only means best display, but also most managable crowd. 50,000 people in one place is not our idea of a good time. I can't wait to hear from some of you, thanks in advance.

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Jan AKA Wammy said...

Our resident fun planner says that there are no fireworks in cincti but tha you should check out Blue Ash...not far from our house. Let me check when Ic ome back for Indy taking the crew to the airport today to return to CO. I'll let you know!