June 25, 2009

Church in the Wildwood

Sorry it has been a while since I've blogged, I've had a LOT going on. My mom was in the hospital for a week with gallbladder issues (it was enlarged to the size of a football), that eventually ended in it being removed. It took a week for her to recover.

Then last week, my granny died.

My granny was one of a kind. She was always either saying something unintentionally funny or being funny on purpose. Here are a few examples:

  • She got a shirt "at the rummage" and was afraid it said something dirty. She unveiled it for my mom, since she said my mom would know, and it said Capistrano and had flowers and swallows on it.
  • She ask my dad what the middle finger meant by flipping him off so close she almost touched his nose!
  • She got a pair of red bloomers from a "boyfriend" (men were ALWAYS after granny) and wore them one Christmas Eve. My uncle pulled her pants down and daddy took a picture of her bloomers! She had to have a good sense of humor with 4 boys.
  • The first time she met Tyler he was teasing her about her boyfriends and she said, "Trust me, I know how to have fun!"
  • My cousin brought her a footlong from Subway. She said, "Sissy, Nicky brought me the best sub sandwich. It's this long (demonstration), but they cut it like this (another demonstration) and you get to keep the whole thing." Mom and I started cracking up and she asked Tyler, "What are they laughing about?" That was a regular occurrence. She'd say something unintentionally funny then not be able to understand why we were cracking up.
  • One of her best was a few weeks before she died. She told daddy she wanted to go to Wallace in Barboursville when she died. She said the make you look the prettiest and you don't even look like you are dead. She was right, she didn't.

I get told a lot that I am just like her. This always makes me happy, especially now. I'm proud to be like granny.

He funeral was beautiful. She said she wanted Kathy Lou (her niece) to sing three songs and she wanted everyone to stand up at the end and sing Amazing Grace. Her favorite song was "Church in the Wildwood" which is a song with very prominent parts. Kathy had everyone sing and it was lovely. We were surprised by how many people knew it. At the end everyone stood and sang "Amazing Grace".

There were so many people at her funeral that they had to open up the next side and put in 5 rows of folding chairs. Daddy said she would have said, "Look at all these people here to see me and me looking so good!" That's exactly what she would have said.

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