March 24, 2009

Days Go By

It's a lonely week. Tyler is at his field training, so we can't talk on the phone. I feel like I'm having a flashback to when he was in Basic.

I'm ready for him to come home. He should be home by his birthday, but could be home as early as next Wednesday (hopefully him saying that isn't an April Fool's joke).

We are going to Florida in May! May 4-10 we will be staying in the Animal Kingdom Villas at Disney World. We are SO excited about this, although I REALLY wanted to stay at Grand Floridian. Disney is running a special for military members. Our room was 40% off, his ticket is free, and mine is $99 for 5 days! May 10-16 we are staying at the Orange Lake Resort in Orlando. Neither of us can hardly wait!

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