February 14, 2009

My Valentine

Today Tyler and I went to the mall in Towson.  It was probably the biggest mall I have ever been in.  Tyler had an appointment at the Apple Store to get his iPhone checked out.  He cracked the screen on his bed and needed a new one.  The Apple Store is like my Mecca (except those people need hair stylists because I didn't see one person with good hair!).

While walking around the mall, we saw a Coach store.  He told me he would buy me a purse.  Here's the one i picked:
When I told the girl which one I wanted she got a slip out and asked for my name.  When I told her she said, "Are you serious?"  I figured it was her name, but she said, "That's the name of the bag!"  It was meant to be.  They are shipping it to our house for free.  I will have it in 3-5 business days.

Tonight we are going to a place called Mamma Lucia's for dinner.  We may go see Friday the 13th after that.  I mean it's Valetine's Day so maybe we'll see Jason cut out a heart, LOL.  I'm just kidding.  The older I get, the more these slasher movies freak me out.  Used to be I drug Tyler to them, now the last two I've seen literally made me scream and everything.  Who knows why I'm more freaked now?!

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