February 13, 2009

Good Morning Baltimore

It has been a long day already and it's only 7:30pm! Here's a rundown of my day:

I arrived at Tri-State Airport at 5:00am. All the TVs were blasting images of the plane crash in Buffalo, NY. I thought this was totally ridiculous. Bad planning Tri-State! My plane left at 5:30am. I has my whole row to myself...Awesome! It was super dark so I stretched out and listened to my iPhone (couldn't sleep, though).

Once in Charlotte, I walked to the next gate (clear across the terminal of course). I listened to my iPhone and played a game until boarding. I fell asleep before this plane even took off. I woke up as the plane was approaching Baltimore. The flight attendant announced that the flight would be rough until we landed, and boy was it. Like clockwork, as soon as she finished the announcement we flew into dense white clouds.

Once we landed their was a bit of a wait for another plane to leave our gate. We were 15 minutes early if you can believe that. As we waited to disembark I stood looking toward the front even though for whatever reason we used the middle door. As I stood there this man stood up 4 rows in front of me:

That, my friends is Cal Ripken! I was shocked! I guess first class is good because I hadn't even heard a rumble he was on the plane! My hands were shaking I was SO excited! I'm not a big sports fan, buy I know this guy is a legend. He has the most consecutive starts of any player in the history of Baseball! Anyways, I sneaked my phone just over the top of the seat to snap this.

Off the plane I called Tyler. Cal passed me at lightning speed and headed into the men's room which I dutifully reported to my husband. The guy in front of me, a big black dude in a tracksuit with UnderArmor luggage (struck me as he could have been someone famous, too, but I couldn't place his face), turned around and joked, "You can't follow him in there."

We left the airport and I drove straight to the base (Tyler isn't allowed to drive while on leave), to get our taxes done. This took three hours! Here's a pic I snapped from the back of the tax building:

This is the officers neighborhood and it overlooks Chesapeake Bay.

Tyler and I went from there to his favorite chinesse place Peony Garden. It was right at 5:00pm when we checked in here at the Hilton. It seems to be REALLY nice. I pretty much immediately took a nap and just woke back up. We are gonna grab dinner and go see "Friday the 13th". Stay tuned for the next edition... Same Cal time, same Cal channel ; )
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