October 25, 2008

I'll Be Seeing You

Wow, God is good. I don't know how that can still surprise me, but sometimes it does.

Right after I posted from the road yesterday, we stopped to change at a reststop. A few miles later we pulled off to get gas. The Kroger was 2 miles from Interstate so we got back on. We stopped a few miles later at a Flying J. After dad paid, mom and I started looking at cookies. Dad got back in line and paid for the cookies. When we turned out of the gas station, dad went the wrong way. At the nearest place, we turned around.

Why do you care, you may ask? Because as we finally hot back on interstate, I saw a bus coming up the road! I immediately knew it was Tyler (my dad said bull). The bus passed us and another one pulled up behind us. I called Tyler, but he didn't answer. I told my parents he was asleep, which turned out to be right. We merged onto I-64 in Lexington and they did, too. They pulled off at a reststop in Winchester, so we followed. Sure enough, the bus stopped and out pour soldiers.

Then out comes MY soldier! I was SOOOOO happy! We chatted at the reststop for a few minutes. I asked him where they were stopping in WV. He found out from the busdriver that they would stop at exit 39, Teays Valley!!

We pulled out ahead of the bus and as we pulled off I-64 at Hal Greer, they were 5mi from WV (still in KY). Mom and dad drove me home, I got my car, and met Tyler in Teays Valley!!

Finally, after 2 days, we got some time alone! God knew how sad I was and, once again, took care of me. Had any number of little things been different, we never would have seen those buses and I would never have seen Tyler. God is good, all the time!

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Jan AKA Wammy said...

Definately a God thing! You crack me up. I would have gotten in my car and driven like a crazy woman too. Glad you were able to have some alone time. I wondered about that all weekend. Just didn't seem to fair to me that you have to share him with all of us. Bur glad you did!.

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you got some time alone with Tyler. I was hoping you would get some time with him for just the 2 of you and God.

I'm sorry Bob didn't make it, but he had a fever, and I didn't think it best for him to go and infect all of you.

Please post Tyler's new address so the boys and I can keep up our coorespondence with Tyler.