September 4, 2008

Letter to Me

Thank God for Labor Day! I had the day off and I really needed it. I'm so tired, a break was just what I needed. The rest of the week always seems so long, though.

Lucky is doing great! He's not housebroken yet, but he learned to sit! Now when he comes back in from using the bathroom, he sits all around you until he gets a treat. It's SO funny! Here are some pics of my baby in action:

Isn't he the cutest thing ever?!

Tyler has written me a couple of times this week. He asks that no one writes more than twice a week. In the first letter he told me to call my BFF Brittany and tell her that going to Basic is like being pregnant. Here's how: you wake up tired and sick to your stomach, your back always hurts from carrying so much weight, and you are either really happy or really mad all the time. I think that is hilarious!! In the second letter he says they got the day off for Labor Day. They were told to stay in the barracks and stay quiet. They only left for their 3 meals a day.

In the next post I'll try to get my new scanner to work so I can post the picture of his barracks he drew. Oh, BTW I've been titling my posts with song titles. Don't know if anyone picked up on that.

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alex :) said...

chewy sleeps just like lucky haha how cute!