August 15, 2008

It Gets the Worst at Night

I guess Tyler made it there OK, he hasn't called yet. He had said he was going to be able to call when he got there just to say he made it, but apparently his intellegence was faulty (I just sounded so Army). I just want to hear from him! I've become obsessed with my phone. I stare at it all the time hoping I won't miss his call.

I'm still crying everytime he is mentioned. I don't know how I will stand this, but God will never give me more than I can handle LOL. I chuckle because that doesn't mean he won't let things be thrown at you right up to the line, he just doesn't give you TOO much.

The only good thing that has happened is that my mom and dad have agreed I can get a dog. So, tomorrow starts Yorkie Search 2008! I will be looking in all the local papers for a Yorkie puppy. If any of you know anyone selling Yorkie puppies, let me know.


Jan AKA Wammy said...

I don't have a liner on any Yorkies but I know where you can get the cutest little beagle...I'll deliver her personally!

Anonymous said...

Thanks Sabrina for starting the blog to keep us all up to date.

Thanks for the pics of Lucky

Take Care!!

Miss Ya Son !!


The Oakes said...

hope the puppy can keep ya busy. we are praying that the time will fly!