August 10, 2008

The Farewell Tour: Day 2

Here we are folks: Day 2 of the Farewell Tour. We spent the day with Tyler's mom's side of the family. We had all of Tyler's favorite foods, most of which I love, too. We spent the evening with Brittany and Timmy at Rio Grande, neither Tyler nor I really ate.

I've busted out crying twice today. Tyler asked me if it would be easier if I were mad at him and proceeded to throw a golf ball at my knee. I told him it was much easier for me to cry. He keeps saying it is going to be easier than I think, but I'm not at all convinced.


Jan AKA Wammy said...

Keep your chin up! You have a big suport group and I know they will help out.

Little Patch of Heaven said...

This is tough. I have been through this with my brother and the unknown is what scared me. Hang in there.

The Oakes said...

hey happy seeing you all here, i will love getting to feel like im able to keep up with you all more. love the ellisarmy!