August 23, 2008

The Lucky One

Sorry I haven't updated in a few days. I've had technical difficulties.

I got a puppy last Saturday! His name is Lucky! (His full name is Lucky Dud, for whatever reason, my dad wanted my dog named after him. My mom says she'll reserve her naming rights for a kid, LOL.) He's a 3/4lb, 7 week old Yorkie who thinks he is a Great Dane. He is just about the cutest thing ever. He takes up all my spare time, which I guess is good. He likes to chase and fight with Dixie (my brothers Beagle).
I got to talk to Tyler on Monday. We spoke for literally 1 minute. He said he was tired as they were only sleeping about 2 hours per night. When I spoke to him, he hadn't even started his actual bootcamp! He was still in reception practicing "hurry up and wait" and staying awake. He finally started his actual training on Wednesday. He says he has heard they will get 10minutes of phone time on Sundays, but for me not to get my hopes up. I got a form letter today with his address. Here it is for all of you:

SPC Tyler Ellis
4th Platoon (BCT), Widow Makers
Echo Company, 1/46 IN BN
Fort Knox, KY 40121-5728

I should note that the letter expressly states he cannot receive candy, soda, cookies, magazines or newspapers. So basically a letter or card is pretty much it. He wanted me to say I to everyone, too.
I also want to say: A Very Happy Birthday to my Daddy. He turned 54 today!

August 15, 2008

It Gets the Worst at Night

I guess Tyler made it there OK, he hasn't called yet. He had said he was going to be able to call when he got there just to say he made it, but apparently his intellegence was faulty (I just sounded so Army). I just want to hear from him! I've become obsessed with my phone. I stare at it all the time hoping I won't miss his call.

I'm still crying everytime he is mentioned. I don't know how I will stand this, but God will never give me more than I can handle LOL. I chuckle because that doesn't mean he won't let things be thrown at you right up to the line, he just doesn't give you TOO much.

The only good thing that has happened is that my mom and dad have agreed I can get a dog. So, tomorrow starts Yorkie Search 2008! I will be looking in all the local papers for a Yorkie puppy. If any of you know anyone selling Yorkie puppies, let me know.

August 14, 2008

The Inevitable Is Here

Well, it's finally come. Tyler is gone. He made weight and left Beckley at around noon. The last I heard from him, he was at Golden Coral and had about 2 hours still on the road. That was at 3:00pm.

Yesterday, he picked me up from lunch and when he dropped me off,the last time I saw him, it was SO hard to let go. People kept asking me why I didn't take the day off work and on one hand, I wish I would have. On the other hand I probably would have been hysterical instead of just breaking out crying every now and then. I didn't really cry once I got back to work. I actually had a patient tell me I was sound so professional when I answered the phone which made me feel about <---that much better. I cry everytime his name is mentioned, but I can pretty much get through without crying other than that. It should be noted, for those of you who don't know, that I cry at everything, for example I seriously bawled at the movies Full Metal Jacket and Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith (both nowhere near what could be considered chick flicks).

I made a heart out of a pink paper clip for Tyler to take with him. I told him to carry it in his pocket and think of me. At lunch, he told me he had something similar for me in front of the TV at home. Then I got home, it was this:

I broke down again. It is a coin and I am going to carry it in my pocket at all times.
That's all for now. I'll keep you all up to date when I hear from him.

August 10, 2008

The Farewell Tour: Day 2

Here we are folks: Day 2 of the Farewell Tour. We spent the day with Tyler's mom's side of the family. We had all of Tyler's favorite foods, most of which I love, too. We spent the evening with Brittany and Timmy at Rio Grande, neither Tyler nor I really ate.

I've busted out crying twice today. Tyler asked me if it would be easier if I were mad at him and proceeded to throw a golf ball at my knee. I told him it was much easier for me to cry. He keeps saying it is going to be easier than I think, but I'm not at all convinced.

Numero uno!

Hi guys! Tyler and I decided long ago I should start this blog when he went to bootcamp so I could keep all of you informed where he may not be able to. I'll warn you in advance, I'm not a very good pen pal, but I'm gonna try to update this at least once a week.

I though for my very first post, I would just tell you how I came up with the name for this blog: Our Ellis Army. Well, obviously Tyler has joined the Army. That was only part of it, though. I wanted something that will grow with us as we start our family, our own Army. It just seemed to be the perfect to me. What do you guys think? I'll leave off with pics from Tyler's going away dinner at his dad's.